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Duke and Lord Publishers is an Academic Publisher in UK offering best research publishing solutions, our best academic publisher solutions in Medical Sciences, Business & Finance, and Management Sciences. With our global presence, we are committed to provide authenticity and promptness in open access diffusion of research. Our competent and diverse editorial board, transparent peer-review process and COPE compliant practices ensure that your research Publishers are timely indexed, archived and disseminated. Our best research publishing services in UK deliver competence to authors through our provided resources, making their research publishable and widely accessible.



We are the best Academic Publisher in UK, Duke and Lord Publishers’ mission is to cater to the publishing needs of the global researchers and encouraging the publishing of authentic global research.

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Integrity, commitment, excellence, and servitude


Integrity, commitment, excellence, and servitude to global scholarly Publisherss. With concrete and strict adherence to our policies, Duke & Lord Publishers reaffirms its continued commitment to the publishing process. Our policies are strictly enforced, globally, in all our branches and management hierarchy.

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Duke and Lord Publishers


Duke and Lord Publishers’ headquarters is based in London, United Kingdom. We have operational branches in the UAE, US, Australia, Singapore, and Canada.

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Our People

Our people are our strength and the

Our People

Our people are our strength and the reason why Duke & Lord Publishers is globally renowned in the publishing industry. We create, nurture and mature careers in the publishing industry and encourag



Globally recognized standard

Recognizing, Implementing, Assuring

Globally recognized standards

Recognizing, Implementing, Assuring and Propagating international standards in publishing with the help of our publishing partners.

Research Publishing

Encouraging, Facilitating

Research Publishing

Encouraging, Facilitating, and Implementing the publishing of authentic, open access and transparent processes in research publishing.

Providing accessible research

Ensuring, Encouraging

Providing accessible research

Ensuring, Encouraging, and Implementing COPE and DOAJ principles by providing easy open access diffusion of quality research

Providing top-class editing and proofreading

Encouraging, Enabling

Providing top-class editing and proofreading

Encouraging, Enabling and Helping researchers to adopt standardized practices in publishing their research thus allowing a global standard in viewership.



Duke & Lord Publishers have successfully partnered with international organizations to provide globally recognized indexing and archiving of your published research. Our adherence to globally prevalent stringent quality standards has been appreciated by numerous global indexing bodies.


Best Academic Publishing Solutions

Duke and Lord Publishers is the best Academic Publisher in UK provide best academic publishing solutions in medical science, business, finance, and management services; our team is committed to providing the best research publishing in UK solutions with our reliable publishing services in open access dissemination of the research.

Our uniqueness

We have experienced various editing experts and transparent peer-review processes and well managed acquiescent flow processes that ensure research publishing is indexed, archived, and disseminated in the least possible time.

Duke and Lord publishers' primary goal is to provide the approachable and best academic publishing solutions facilities to fulfill the publishing needs of the researchers. We believe in encouraging the publishing of authentic worldwide research. Duke and lord publishers is the best academic publisher extremely support the new researchers who are willing to publish their research for the first time by offering them affordable best publishing solutions. Our services are available to complete your research publishing process easily and effectively to publish your research in a reasonable time.

Our best offer

With our reliable worldwide resources to empower the publication research, Duke and Lord Publishers guarantee researchers, librarians and institutes have all the relevant resources to publish and access. Duke and lord publishers offer several resources to the researchers by giving authors the best publishing solutions of developing the skills in writing, reconsidering, reviewing, and submitting their research.

Our competent Publishing Solutions

Duke and lord publishers are dedicated to encourage, manage, and ease the publishing process has concluded into the range of publishing services to make the manuscript publishable and to publish the research successfully in the top-ranked journal.

Our aim

Duke and lords' publishers are a global open-access publisher; as a worldwide academic organization for scientists and researchers, we aim to facilitate researchers to advance the research attainments in various disciplines. Duke and lords giving the critical decision making for the researcher all over the world.

Our team of experts wants to ensure the researchers that your publishing process goes effectively as it can be, and you can have the best technical assistance throughout the process.

Our goal is to open the gate for the researcher to change and increase the scientific knowledge among the people and transfer the information through highly effective medium of publication.

We motivate the researcher and scientific authors to engage in the science and improve the society.

Duke and lords' publishers inspiring experiences and basic dynamic for researchers over the international organizations.

Future augmentation

Duke and lords' publishers are the top leading global resource for the management, analytics, publishing, indexing, and archiving, and we will continuously provide our best services to the research communities and those researchers who need our help in publishing their research in recognized journals.

We thought to make scientific study easier for the authors who are interested in work on this field by helping them to manage their research work with proactive approach and spend sufficient time in preparing the research.

Duke and lord publishers offering the solutions to aid the science, management, engineering and health.

Our company has advanced tools and techniques that will give you the ideas for the effective topics, that's how a researcher can make the decision more efficiently and easily. A new creative idea and the authentic resources will give the research quicky publication to on the database.

Our smart tools and techniques

Duke and lords' publishers use proactive techniques to give the trusted information, as we a partnered with the global research publishing from many years so we provide researcher valid and accurate information with expert tools and techniques. Increasing the scientific knowledge is bit difficult to authorize the integrity of the information, with our reputation in academic publishing industry we make it easy for the researcher to publish the paper in high indexed and top ranked journal.