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Duke & Lord Publishers provides excellence in publishing and scholarly communications. We ensure that researchers are recognized, celebrated and their research is timely propagated. Our publishing services enables your research to be meticulously and judiciously published.

Open Accessibility

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High Citation Impact

Rapid Publishing


Quality Control

Open Access


Duke & Lord Publishers follow an open access policy for transparent, standardized and timely transmission of published research. With our strong adherence to Community on Publishers Ethics (COPE) principles, our published research, is necessarily, open access as soon as it is published online. Open Access provides high availability and visibility, high citation impact, lower publishing costs and faster Publisherss for researchers publishing with Duke & Lord Publishers.

Rigorous Peer Review


Duke & Lord Publishers ensure a transparent, single and double blind, peer-review. Our reviewers are experts in their field and selected from the global research community. The peer-review process is necessarily visible and involves sharing of referee reports after the review process, to ensure time

Research Publishing


Duke & Lord Publishers follows a globally standardized research publishing work-flow, optimized to ensure that the publishing process is comfortable, rigorous, and easy to follow.

Our publishing workflow ensures that the publishing of your research is transparent, visible and mistakes are identifiable at every step. With our publishing management system, we assure an effective and expeditious publishing of your research in our renowned journals.



Duke & Lord Publishers endeavors to make the entire publishing process as easier as possible. Therefore, we provide the following competent services to authors to aid in their publishing process:

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Excellence in Publishing


With an experienced and competent team of editors, proofreaders, linguistics, technical reviewers and designers, Duke & Lord Publishers is committed towards excellence in publishing research. We focus on broad and expeditious dissemination, proper indexing, archiving for preservation and enabling researchers from around the globe to use our platform to publish the latest research in their respective disciplines.

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Medical Sciences

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Currently, we are offering a research opportunity in the following disciplines of Natural Sciences. You can conduct your research -with us- in the specializations mentioned as their sub-categories.



Duke & Lord Publishers have successfully partnered with international organizations to provide globally recognized indexing and archiving of your published research. Our adherence to globally prevalent stringent quality standards has been appreciated by numerous global indexing bodies.

Duke and lords a research publishing dynasty that offers a solution in various fields, science, business, and financial management. We have strong relationships with the global organizations, and the science indexing bodies highly appreciate us; we have developed skills in researching writing, evaluation, and in the submission process or research paper. Duke and lords ensure relevant sources to the researchers, authors, librarians, and institutes to access the papers and publish their research papers

Shape your research

Our research publishing dynasty will help you to express your research paper in a format and a structure that can attract the evaluators.We follow the global standards to maintain the high quality in research formats. You can have preserved research techniques and help to prepare your research paper. Duke and lords proofread and give the proper structure that has the least chance of refusal. To assist our authors publishing services, offer many authentic resources to deliver the paper in an efficient format, and we phrase your manuscript, so it gets publication quickly.

Our academic publishing research house has been recognized as non for profit organization for many years.

We are promised to make peer-reviewed research papers an openlyaccessible resource. We provide transparently and demanding peer-reviewing procedures where the experts of the disciplines scrutinize the research paper. We positively promote available accessed publications where all the scientific journals are freely available for everyone around the globe.

Our research publishing dynasty wishes to create an improved and advanced world for the researchers through our advanced services and easy approaches to publish the paper.

You can use our well-established models for your research in the academic era and can aim to publish your research and give your research visibility to the world and get recognition and appreciation for your hard work. Also, your published paper can help other authors to complete their research and give them ideas to generate more ideasfrom your writing.

Leverage funds

We offer many resources to provide help to researcher publishers' methods by allowing authors to obtain, enhance, and improved their research writing to have more funds for their research papers. We provide resources that target the new researchers, so they have help for their research, which they are writing for the first time.

Fast dissemination

If you want to enable fast dissemination of your publication, we also give our researcher easy access to the public libraries and global databases. Our primary objective is to provide your published papers more visibility and accessibility to achieve our goal. We, our academic research publishing dynasty, runs the institute, universities, colleges, and individuals value-added contributions to link with and search high indexing bodies internationally. Duke and lord gives quick publications to your research paper. We make sure that all the content is accessible to all the readers locally and internationally through a creative commons license.

We are better from our competitors in the publishing process because we take steps to maintain our quality andwork in an open-access environment.

The research publishing company has experienced editors, and proofreaders whop give the technical review in every research paper.Our niche is to focus in each aspect of the manuscript, so when it goes for the peer review, there is no scope of rejection of the document.

Duke and lord will give you quick publications and high accessibility to your research; we compete by taking tangiblesteps through open access publishing and coping with the standards.