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Duke & Lord Publishers endeavor to encourage and help the research community by offering services tailored to help the Publishers process. With our extensive experience in the publishing industry, Duke and Lord Publishers offers professionally competent services to enable researchers navigate, be guided, and become publisher authors.

paper editing services

Editing Service

Duke & Lord Publishers’ commitment to further, encourage, ease, and manage the publishing process has culminated into a range of services to make your manuscript publishable. With our editing service, we provide competent and expeditious editing, proofreading, and translation, to enable authors identify, remedy, and learn the mistakes made during the manuscript submission process.

peer review services

Technical Review Service

To ensure and encourage the rapid publishing of your research manuscript, Duke & Lord Publishers offers its technical review service to enable extensive technical checks on your manuscript. With our qualified Editors, we check for the scientific rigor and quality of your research before your manuscript is handed over to the research community for the peer-review process.

research grant

Funding Service

With our commitment to facilitate and enable the research publishing process, Duke & Lord Publishers offers its funding service to cater to your financing needs. We provide merit-based and need-based funding opportunities to help researchers to relieve financial constraints in the pursuit of research.

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We offer optimized solutions to cater the needs of our collaborators from every along


Duke & Lord Publishers ensure that all its published content is available to readers through a Creative Commons License.


Duke & Lord Publishers enable the quick publishing and dissemination of your research.


To compete with the changing publishing purlieus, Duke & Lord Publishers has taken concrete steps in Open Access publishing and COPE compliance.


Duke & Lord Publishers has invested for the long-term preservation of published research.

research management

Excellence in Publishing


With an experienced and competent team of editors, proofreaders, linguistics, technical reviewers and designers, Duke & Lord Publishers is committed towards excellence in publishing research. We focus on broad and expeditious dissemination, proper indexing, archiving for preservation and enabling researchers from around the globe to use our platform to publish the latest research in their respective disciplines.

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Duke & Lord Publishers have successfully partnered with international organizations to provide globally recognized indexing and archiving of your published research. Our adherence to globally prevalent stringent quality standards has been appreciated by numerous global indexing bodies.


Research Publication Services

Duke and lord publishers offering an optimized publication services to fulfill the requirements of the collaborators, and make sure that published data is accessible and visible to all the readers, we provide the best publication services for the researcher to publish the work on global databases.

Our process of publication services


Duke and Lord Publishers' pledge to further, strengthen, ease, and deal with the publishing cycle has done into a scope of services to make your research publishing in your required journal. With our altering editing services, we give well prepared and speedy modification, editing, and interpretation, to empower researchers to categorize and gain proficiency in the research submission process.


To guarantee and support the quick publishing of research, Duke and Lord Publishers offers its specialized auditing services to empower broad and extensive quality check. With our experienced Editors, we check for the logical aspects and the quality and effectiveness of the research before the peer review check.


With our pledge to encourage and empower the best publishing solutions. Duke and Lord Publishers offers its funding services to take into account your financing needs. We are offering the funding services to solve the financing issues; we have merit-based and need the funding opportunities to help the researchers by giving them support to achieve their goal.

Our effectiveness

We are available 24/7 to support the researchers, quick publishing and dissemination of research, our proactive approach to compete with changing publishing dynamics, accurate and concrete steps in open publishing and COPE submission, long term preservation of published research.

With an accomplished and expert group of editors, proofreaders, specialized reviewers and mangers, Duke and Lord Publishers is promised towards distinction in providing publication services. We focus on expansive and quick broadcasting of research, appropriate indexing, documenting for preserving and empowering specialists from around the world to utilize our platform to publish research.

Role of editors

Our editor maintains and develop the journal's outline and reputation. The team of our editors has major responsibility is towards journal's content. The editors ensure the journal's scope, objective and the content and respond to any change of course in the area of study to integrate completely new emergent work. Our editors and publishers worked together to confirm the strategically growth is cope with the industry development.

• Our editors and proofreaders ensure the excellence in publishing the journal.

• Guarantee that workflow of the research reproduces any changes of direction in the scientific study to create new research.

• Our editors conduct the events as per industry norms and standards for the authenticity by following the approaches of the journal and the publishers.

• Our proofreaders and editors constantly engage with the Editorial Board on the advancement of the journal and keep it update and comprise with the ideas for publication improvement. Our editors involved the editorial board formally for the discussions.

• Our team of editors gives vital contribution to the journal's development. Our publisher continuously reports the journal's performance and develop new strategies for growth and improvement.

• Prompting the journals to colleagues

Tips to select the journals

⫸ Go through carefully the scope and the aim of the journal

⫸ Make sure that research match to the selected journal

⫸ Check carefully on which journal you can submit your research

⫸ Use the appropriate journal metrics to know the influence of the journal

⫸ Check the journal insights and understand the journal, impact, swiftness and the scope

Role of reviewer

Peer review is utmost important part of the publishing process, we have our own peer review in house to maintain and to check the quality before sending to the actual peer review. Peer review system is developed to validate the academic research work, it helps to improve and enhance the quality of the published research. Our in-house quality help to deliver the finest publication services to the researchers.