Duke & Lord Publishers has made it imperative to provide broad dissemination and propagation of published research content globally. With our adherence to disseminating the latest published research, Duke & Lord Publishers distributes its published content via different platforms and tailored to different platforms.

Apart from online-printing, with issue specific ISSNs, Duke and Lord Publishers also provides distribution services in paper-printing our journals. We have partnered globally with indexing bodies, archives and institutions to provide 3rd party access to the public while maintaining the approved licensing and copyright credits.

With global distribution comes the need of making our research available in demographic specific languages. Duke & Lord Publishers provide a competent, robust and experienced translation service for your demographics.


Duke & Lord Publishers’ commitment for the open access diffusion of authentic, excellent, and dire research is reflected in its initiative to provide open access readability of all its resources. With our large network of like-minded partners, Duke & Lord Publishers provide the necessary framework to access global research for your institution, library or conference.



Duke & Lord Publishers have successfully partnered with international organizations to provide globally recognized indexing and archiving of your published research. Our adherence to globally prevalent stringent quality standards has been appreciated by numerous global indexing bodies.

Duke and Lord Publishers are providing easy ways to disseminate the content of the published research globally . With our devotion to broadcast and networking, we are promised to share the newly published research.

Duke and lord publishers will get you quick Article in press to get your research published faster. We have different platforms to broadcast the published research on several platforms.

Article in pressure those papers that got the acceptance to publish in the journal but not allocated the journal issue.

We are one of the top rising open-access publishers in the academic publishing industry worldwide. We are giving researchers the fastest ways for publication. If you publish open access with our company, you can find many advantages from our expertise of editors, quality reviewers.

Process of research to Article in press

Duke and lord publishers help researchers in give them opportunities to get Article in Press quickly with our expertise and advanced services.

Duke and lord publishers optimized your work to get a publication, and gives you the best services to get your Article published quickly in the journal.

Our experts will help out to pass through the peer review process immediately with our practical and managed services.

There are many types of peer review, single-blind, double-blind, triple-blind and open review.

  • • A single-blind peer review is a traditional approach; reviewer identity is anonymous
  • • Double-blind is a content based approach, author and reviewer identity is anonymous
  • • Triple blind review is completely anonymized, where the authors, reviewers, and editors also unaware of the identities of author and reviewers.
  • • Open review is a combined review

Duke and lord publishers' best practices can help you to pass out the peer review process by performing our procedures and in-house peer review.

We believe that researcher should read the other published work that our editors send to you, this way you can gain more knowledge and improve your research to get you research published in the least possible time.

Our proofreading and editing process includes reading the other journal articles to fulfil your research requirements and the journal requirements.

  • • Transparent and accurate editing
  • • Good quality paper
  • • Clear amendments

Duke and Lord Publishers gives the researchers appropriate distribution services in paper-printing our journals. We collaborate around the world with the top indexing bodies.

We firmly believe in sharing and promoting your published research and consider it as a vital part of the research. When it comes to sharing the scientific information in the field of science and giving the allowance to your research paper to further contribute in disseminating the scientific knowledge to the people you have many benefits by providing the appropriate research paper.

Duke and Lord's publisher are responsible in sharing your published research and endure the high-quality journal services.

Choose your discipline, and we will offer you the open access for your research,

  • Higher visibility: get more readers
  • Trusted information: verified scientific information
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  • Strong impact: get access for further innovation
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