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Duke & Lord Publishers offer best research paper writing service in UK. our Research paper writing service help the research paper submission process by enabling authors acquire and develop skills in writing, revising, reviewing, and submitting their research. Our resources are particularly targeted towards novice authors, who are publishing their research for the first time. Preparing and submitting a research manuscript for publishing in a reputed research journal can be a daunting task, but Duke & Lord is with you throughout the research paper writing process. With our competent globally-consistent resources to enable researchers publish, Duke & Lord Publishers assures authors, librarians and institutes have all the relevant resources, to publish and access, within reach.


To help authors to successfully publish in our journals, Duke & Lord Publishers provide resources to better format, edit, structure, and phrase your research manuscript.

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines provide, new and experienced authors, with suggestions, frameworks and templates to structure and document their research according to each journal’s requirements.



We publish quarterly journals in Medical Sciences, Management Sciences, Business, Finance and Economics. With our stringent quality control, our journals are indexed in renowned indexing and archiving organizations.



Duke & Lord Publishers’ endeavors to make the conference management, hosting and documentation process easier for the research community. With our proprietary conference management system, we enable researchers to organize, publicize and document their conferences.



Duke & Lord Publishers’ commitment to scholarly research ensures that our editing resources are at par with global standards of publishing. With our stringent technical review, proofreading and content editing resources, we assure that your research is scientifically sound and devoid of linguistic errors.



Duke & Lord Publishers offer best research publishing solutions in UK to enable the swift and approved dissemination of published research, Duke & Lord Publishers is the best academic publisher provide complete access to research libraries, databases, and global indexing bodies. With our primary focus on the expedited dissemination and accessibility of research, Duke & Lord Publishers provide universities, colleges, librarians, individual researchers, and institutions value-added subscriptions to connect with and search major indexing bodies globally.

Open Access

Open Access

Duke & Lord Publishers ensure that your published research has visibility. With our Open Access policy, we guarantee that your research is rapidly and aptly delivered to a wider audience

Licencing Content

Licensing Content

Our mission to augment the documentation and distribution of research propels us to provide researchers, librarians, and institutions with global access to licensing our content.

Library Support

Library Support

If your academic or research institution requires indexing, archiving and open access support, we offer management options to enable accessibility of the latest research in all disciplines.


Conference Organizers

We are the best Academic Publisher in UK, if you are organizing a conference or have organized a conference and your conference falls in our ‘core disciplines’, Duke & Lord Publishers would encourage you to publish your collective conference research in our conference proceedings series. We are the best research publisher in UK. We will even organize the conference(s), select and assign an editorial board and coordinate with indexing bodies, to get the research presented in the conference, indexed. We are also capable of providing a conference management system tailored to your specific research needs.

Conference Management System

Conference Management System

Duke & Lord Publishers enables conference organizers to effectively advocate, publicize and execute their conferences.

Conference Series Publisherss

Conference Series Publishers

Duke & Lord Publishers offers it specialized conference proceeding series to document, index, archive and disseminate the latest research presented in your conferences.

Indexing, Abstracting, & Archiving

Indexing, Abstracting & Archiving

To ensure the latest research presented in your conference acquires a higher visibility, our indexing services for conferences are globally competent and exemplary.



Duke & Lord Publishers have successfully partnered with international organizations to provide globally recognized indexing and archiving of your published research. Our adherence to globally prevalent stringent quality standards has been appreciated by numerous global indexing bodies.


Best Research Paper Writing Service

Duke and Lord Publishers, offer best research paper writing service in UK. We are well reputed for its authentic and reliable publishers’ services to give best research paper writing solutions. our expert team is well attentive towards the research publications zones and guides the researcher for Research paper submission according to the need of the market. Our updated resources help the researcher to avoid inconvenience so they can focus on the research publishing process.

Our research publishing resources will help researchers to write the quality manuscript, with standardized guidelines defined by the experts, follow the proper instructions. Editing proofreading by matching the journal requirement and the appropriate resources as per your research subject, and authentic translation services to support your research perfectly and boost your confidence before your final research paper submission.

Resources for Authors

Academic Publisher in UK will help authors find the information that needs to be published in the high indexed journal, Whether a student is planning a research project or a researcher that working on the next research paper submission, Duke and Lord Publishers help to get the best ideas for your research, know the techniques and strategies that how you can augment your manuscript with the program and collaborating data visualization, share your information so that we can help you in the research paper submission process.

Resources for Libraries

Duke and lord publishers provide adequate library services and tools to enhance the skills and promote the research within your university or institute.

As an admin, you encourage the broader authentic information and the workflow of the researchers, new or experienced both. Librarian plays a vital role in managing the research data. Duke and lord publishers are partnered with many global libraries to provide trusted research information and a reliable solution to increase the knowledge worldwide. Duke and Lord publisher enable the instant permitted dissemination of the published research. We provide entirely open access to the librarians.

Resources for conference

Duke and Lord providing the useful content of research and are highly experienced. With our best conference management system, we arrange numerous conferences each year; our conferences offer the smart way to connect with the scientist and the research industry demonstrative of various disciplines. Duke and lord publishers encourage researchers to publish the joint conference research in our conference records series. Also, you can get the organized conference by selecting and allocating the appropriate editor and associating it with the top indexing bodies.

Leading publishing practices

Duke and Lord's publisher using the best tool for your research publishing and make your publishing process easy to get quick recognition by our fast and accurate services of publishing paper. Use our resources to get the best results for your research, our resources will help you to find out the best associates, and you can easily carry out the inclusive literature searches to guarantee the uniqueness and effectiveness of your research.

By availing our offers for different purposes, then you can easily track the process of research publication to varying stages through our transparent services.

Timely paper submission

Duke and lord publishers give effective and affordable support throughout the paper submission lifecycle, from research publication to research promotion. Duke and Lord offer the best tools, guidance, and reliable resources to make your research impactful. With the best authors' services by the duke and lord publishers, you can easily organize and publish your research without any doubts and uncertainties. Our resources will help researchers to get success in their field of expertise and will continuously support the knowledge and encourage them to share with the world to increase their knowledge. We believe in the progress and advancement of the information with the latest trends and technology.