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Duke and Lord Publishers ensures that your research is preserved

discoverable, recognized, and visible to the global research community thus

ensuring that it expedites further discoveries



Duke and Lord Publishers publishes transparent, open access journals in medical sciences, business & finance, and management sciences (core disciplines). We have realized, acknowledged, and remediated the dire need of authentic, expeditious, transparent, and quality publishing needs in these disciplines.

Scopus, Cross-Ref, Web of Science, PubMed, PMC, and DOAJ.

Every journal, from our core disciplines, has its own independent Editorial Board comprised of scholars from reputed world-class universities and institutes, ensuring published research quality. Our implementation of a transparent peer-review process ensures that only authentic, credible, original and scholarly-agreed research is published in our Journals.

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Duke & Lord Publishers acknowledges, appreciates, and promotes organizational research endeavors. With a global network of research institutes focused in our core discipline research, Duke & Lord Publishers encourages their research endeavors by documenting, preserving and disseminating their research.



Duke & Lord Publishers is dedicated to help the research community in the pursuit of every aspect of the research documentation and propagation process. Thus, our conference proceedings series enables researchers, participating in local and international conferences, to publish their research in our conference journal series

Duke & Lord Publishers offer separate conference series for our core disciplines with the following distinctive features

  • High Visibility
  • Dedicated conference series
  • Abstract submission to relevant indexing bodie
  • Conference promotion through AltmetricsR.
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Duke & Lord Publishers have successfully partnered with international organizations to provide globally recognized indexing and archiving of your published research. Our adherence to globally prevalent stringent quality standards has been appreciated by numerous global indexing bodies.


Best Research Publication

Duke and lord publishers are promised to develop the enhanced and advanced world of best research publication by offering easy and fast publishing approaches. We have well-established models for the research publishing process, including relevant resources, accurate editing, and fast dissemination.

Duke and lord publishers provide best publishing solutions & easy access to the libraries and global platform for the researcher to publish their research paper submission quickly and want to get higher visibility. Our experts follow the standardized guidelines to keep up the high quality. Get the best and authentic strategies from our expert to make research effective and publish your research quickly with our fast and best research publication services.

Our journals

Duke and lord publishers have transparent and open access journals in various core disciplines; we have acknowledged and remediated the need of precise, speedy, and quality publishing requirements in high indexed bodies (Scopus, cross-ref, the web of science, PubMed, and DOAJ) and all the journals from our disciplines, has its own editing experts from the reputed universities for maintaining the quality of the best research publications.

Duke and lord publishers have extensive experience in the publishing industry and serving the professional, competent services to the researchers.

We are committed towards the excellence of providing best research publications, and our mainly focus is the prompt broadcasting, proper indexing, and archiving for preservations and allowing the researchers from all over the world to use our best publishing platform to the publish their research in the appropriate journal of their required discipline.

Open access research publications

All published articles in open access journals by duke and lords' publishers are endured by peer review. We provide immediate access for free to read and download, and acceptable to reproduce defined by the scientist choice of "creative common user license" we have maintained our publication from many years in academic industry.

Engineering research

Duke and lords' publishers promote the industrial organizations by giving them acknowledgement, appreciation. Our global network of research majorly focusses on our disciplines. We encourage research by documenting, conserving and broadcasting the best research publication.

Duke and lords' publishers are leading platform of publications, that provides the information services to increase the productivity of science, health, management and engineering technology professionals.

Conference chronicles

Duke and lords' publishers are devoted to support research community in every aspects of the documentation and the publishing process. The records of our conferences give the researchers, and motivate them to participate in the internal or global conferences, also giving them the confidence to publish their research in our top ranked journals.

Efficient features

Our team of experts giving the researchers special and unique conferences series in every discipline.

Giving the researcher higher visibility, keen conferences series, submitting the abstract in the relevant indexed database, conference promotion.

Duke and Lord's publishers are gratified to giving the hand in scientific research, and supporting the universal science, health communities and to engage in the advancement of the serious studies, we continue to support the researchers to enhance their knowledge and productivity.

The publications with duke and lords can benefit you for long term, we believe in strong partnership either with global scientific communities or with the relationship with researchers to help them for their new research in future, for creating the good manuscript to publish that manuscript.